We support our Combat Veterans


Nationwide Fundraising LLC., will allocate 25¢ of every fundraising card sold to support our Combat Veterans.

Our Vision

Simply put, our vision is to help transition our Combat Veterans back into civilian life!

Our Goal

Our goal is to hire as many Combat Veterans as we can. As we grow so will our efforts to support our Combat Veterans! 


We hope to fund this initiative by the sale of individual All American discount cards via our online store and also through individual donations to this endeavor.  

All funds collected will be held in a separate segregated account and the totals will be posted on this web page and updated every month. 

For additional information please contact Nick Mangano at 607-286-7116.

Our Plan

Our plan is to hire as many of our Combat Veterans as we can.  We hope to support this endeavor in the following ways:

  • Fundraising program sales - Teams, Groups and Organizations purchase a fundraising program - 25¢ of each card sold will be allocated to supporting our Combat Veterans via the TVC  (Teamsters Veteran Caucus Connecticut Chapter 1) our 501c partner
  • Matching Donor Partner - Match a percentage of our donations or make a donation to the TVC  (Teamsters Veteran Caucus Connecticut Chapter 1) our 501c partner
  • Corporate Sponsorship - Business organizations help hire a Combat Veteran or sponsor a local organizations fundraising effort.  For additional information, please contact Nick Mangano at 607-286-7116
  • Individual Discount Card sales - $14 will go to supporting our Combat Veterans.  Visit our online Shop link if you wish to give your support.

How You Can Help?

It's simple, use our Fundraising Program, purchase one of our Discount Cards , become a Matching Donor Partner or, if you are a business, sponsor a Combat Veteran or a local fundraising event!  Also, please help spread the word!

TVC - Teamsters Veteran Caucus Connecticut Chapter 1

Our Mission Statement

We, the Teamsters Veteran Caucus Connecticut Chapter 1, organize and assemble for the purpose of serving those who have taken it upon themselves to serve our great nation in both times of war and peace. 

Seeking to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie amongst veterans and non-veterans within our respective workplaces, we stand unified under the common cause of tending to the welfare of our country's military veterans past, present, and future. We strive to become a reliable source of knowledge and resources that veterans within our community may access quickly and effectively. 

Our primary goals are to ensure that veterans within our organization are accurately informed of their rights and benefits which they so justly deserve, as well as mobilizing a diverse group of volunteers who stand ready and able to answer the call when a veteran is in need. 

We stand to acknowledge and enrich the lives of these noble servants, so their acts of patriotism and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Visit the Teamster Local 1150 Get Involved page at: